Population Geography: Tools and Issues por K. Bruce Newbold

Population Geography: Tools and Issues por K. Bruce Newbold
Titulo del libro : Population Geography: Tools and Issues
Autor : K. Bruce Newbold

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K. Bruce Newbold con Population Geography: Tools and Issues

Críticas Globalization is changing the way in which populations are studied. Bruce Newbold's timely book teaches how geographic principles and techniques are used to measure and understand the changing nature of populations around the world. The chapters are cutting-edge, and the in-depth focus and methods and measures at the end of each chapter make this a very interesting and all-inclusive textbook for graduate and undergraduate students. It's also a great resource for cross-disciplinary researchers and professionals who want to understand and apply population geography in their work today. -- Sue C. Grady, Michigan State University This excellent text has been very useful for my students as well as for me as an instructor. Overall, Bruce Newbold has made my life (as an urban social geographer) much easier when it comes to teaching population geography. The second edition is up to date on the latest world population trends, issues, and statistics. I will adopt it again for its coverage of a wide range of important and interrelated topics related to population geography as well as for the balance and clarity with which the author introduces key concepts and presents diverse and complex research themes as well as the key concepts introduced. Newbold makes the material interesting and engaging for students, and the fact that he presents important population research themes at different spatial scales enriches the book even more. It helps students with research interests in population not only to better understand the importance of spatial scale for geography and geographers but also why it's important to study population and its policy implications. At the end of each chapter, for example, Newbold includes Focus; Methods, Measures, and Tools; and ""Study Questions"" sections that encourage students to engage with the material by reflecting on real-world issues/case studies in a more in-depth way. A great initiative! This comprehensive, balanced, and accessible revised textbook should be required reading for university students interested in the major population issues and trends in North America and the world. It will also be valuable as a supplementary text in other subdisciplines such as urban, social, ethnic, and cultural geography. -- Carlos Teixeira, University of British Columbia Reseña del editor This compact and accessible text provides a comprehensive, issue-oriented introduction to population geography. After grounding students in the fundamentals, K. Bruce Newbold then explains the tools and techniques commonly used to describe and understand population concepts using real-world issues and events. Drawing on both US and international cases, he explores such pressing concerns as HIV/AIDS, international migration, fertility, mortality, resource scarcity, and conflict. Newbold highlights the geographical perspective-with its ability to provide powerful insights and bridge disparate issues-by emphasizing the role of space and place, location, regional differences, and diffusion. Arguing that an understanding of population is essential to prepare for the future, this cogent text will provide upper-division undergraduates with a thorough grasp of the field. Ver Descripción del producto