Caillou Goes Camping por Roger Harvey, Eric Sevigny

Caillou Goes Camping por Roger Harvey, Eric Sevigny
Titulo del libro : Caillou Goes Camping
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 1, 2012
Autor : Roger Harvey, Eric Sevigny
Número de páginas : 24
ISBN : 2894508565
Editor : Caillou

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Roger Harvey, Eric Sevigny con Caillou Goes Camping

Grandpa tells Caillou about the time he went camping with Caillou's daddy a long time ago. Caillou wants to go camping with Grandpa too, so they set up the tent in the backyard. That night, Caillou and Grandpa cook marshmallows and look up at the stars. When it’s time to sleep, Caillou finds it too noisy and a bit scary. The next morning, Mommy is very surprised by where she finds the campers.